Holding back

There’s always been a sense in my life of holding something back. I’ve tried to narrow it down to the following:

  1. Holding off opening or using something in hopes of a perceived ‘right’ moment whereby its’ use will be most appropriate/appreciated
    • putting off building some of my Lego collection until there is a place to put it (ie when I buy a place of my own)
  2. Putting off the use of and item, or the learning of a skill due to the perceived lack of time to fully learn/use it
    • delaying learning how to use Ableton until I have some time to spare

While I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the above, I have felt for some time now that I am unconsciously shelving a number of things away and not making much effort to carve out the space to actually bring them to life. Worse, I often find it easier to purchase/commit to things that I know will fit into the above categories, thus adding to the backlog (my Steam games’ catalogue is one that I’ve resigned to never finish!).

One of the things in 2018 I’ve resolved to do:

  1. play to my strengths
    • speed reading
    • love of organisation
    • ability to recall
    • love of sharing new experiences
  2. to carve out time in my schedule to tick some of the above off my list
  3. To hold off purchases until some of the list has been cleared, and until plans have been made to utilise what I’m buying

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