Out of the shell 

A realisation this morning during coffee that for too long I’ve been involved with my own affairs and that is been a while since I’ve actively invested time in others. There’s reasons, of course. It’s inconvenient, involves confrontation which I innately dislike, as well as a willingness to be open about things and trust, with all its possibilities for disappointment.  

But the converse is relying on small talk in social gatherings, being superficially involved with my friends, and only really baring my soul when I’m desperate or in need of something.

This definitely goes into the list for 2017. Now to find and pray for my investments!

Btw, how good was the journey of both Frd and Nadal to the 2017 Aus Open final? Both consummate sportsmen involved in comebacks from injury against a field of professionals in their prime, showing what led them to dominate the sport not so very long ago!


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