Hi 2017!

We’ll see how this goes. Starting a platform to pen down thoughts and conclusions, as I find I take more time to crystallize ideas and feelings while writing, and as a result, am more aware of what they represent to me and what I should be doing about them.

My last post on New Creation was over a year ago, and so much has changed since then.

And with the dawn of another year with all its’ possibilities and promise, I find myself reflecting on a year gone by. Taken by itself, 2016 was, I suppose, only marginally different from 2015.

I started a new job at Monash.

I moved to a new place to be closer to work, and as a result, travel further to get to church, and people/places I was once familiar with.

I still serve in church, with more of a sense of familiarity with people, and with the privilege of leading every so often.

I’ve tried to be intentional in some areas

  • with my friendships, some have been successful, others less so. I have grown closer to some people and in the process, feel like I’ve become more distant from a lot of others. Finding new friends, and in particular allowing myself to consider the possibility of a relationship has definitely been challenging, but also very free-ing!
  • in organising gatherings for sport – more I suppose from the craving of a sense of community, but having a nice secondary outcome of bringing new people together and attempting to lose a few kilos/calories!
  • in drawing closer to family – which is why I was keen on the family holiday we had this year and so happy everyone was able to make it.
  • in planning for the future; jobs/investments/living arrangements/missions/5 year, 10 year plans

I’ve particularly enjoyed:

  • baking and cooking more
  • travelling more (Budapest! Japan! Cambodia!)
  • reading more (Kindle!) and watching more shows and musicals (Strictly! Matilda!)
  • talking and teaching more (a lot better once its’ actually done!)
  • playing more soccer/basketball/frisbee than I’ve done in a long, long while!
  • being involved in a cause (Polished Man!, AIM)
  • decluttering with each move




In 2017: I intend to:

  1. Be more purposeful in living life – which is to say, not to just run with the punches and ride the waves life throws at me, but to actively pursue a God-given direction knowing that I am walking the path He has mapped.
  2. Be in an attitude of always remembering how I can thank and worship God in each day/week for each encounter and each trial faced/joyful occasion.


In looking back to 2016 and 2017 (which are also me entering my mid-30s!), I’m hoping that these years are the years God will have shaped me to be the person He’s called me to become – the Jon that will bring the change He intends.


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